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General sworn interpreters Köln

General sworn interpreters are interpreters who have taken a general oath at a district court, higher regional court, or an internal authority.

Qualification and suitability

General sworn interpreters possess a special professional qualification and personal suitability for language mediation in courts, government agencies, and notaries, carrying out a task that could be equivalent to a sovereign one. They are required to faithfully and conscientiously translate spoken words into the respective other language.

Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpreting for English and German.

We offer interpreting services both simultaneously and consecutively in various fields, including:

  • Business meetings and negotiations
  • Conferences, presentations, events
  • Workshops, training sessions
  • Trade fairs, exhibitions, tours
  • Legal proceedings
  • Police and prosecutorial interrogations
  • Attorney-client meetings
  • Notarial certifications
  • Medical and psychological examinations
  • Marriage ceremonies, and more.

Certified Translation Cologne German English

Our translation agency based in Cologne specializes in translating texts that can have very specific content.

We also work online, making us essentially a translation agency accessible nationwide and worldwide.

Certified Translation in the following fields.

Our expertise in 

Übersetzer türkisch Köln

  • Law
  • Economics or Business
  • Social Sciences
  • Politics
  • Medicine
  • Technology
  • Official and general language texts


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